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Dataweigh Sigma F1

∑ F1 enables you to run 60g of Potato Chips at 210 bpm with maximized sealing clearances for bagmaking. How? Its unique concept,“ Bottom-based Handling ”gives the products a clear Product Window, holding a dose of products in the bottom gate affording enough time for settling before discharge.

  • High Speed The ∑ F1 concept of 4-head independent weighing offers speeds of 140 bpm from 8 heads, 210 bpm from 12 heads and 280 bpm from 16 heads. This unique 4-head Concept is comparable to the performance of a 10-head weigher in single shift operation and also offers much greater combination accuracy. Operating in single shift at 70 bpm offers sufficient time to achieve a clear Product Window. Utilising a Bottom-based Handling concept enhances the‘weigher to packing machine’ interface (eliminating potential sealing failures). By multiplying the 4-head Independent Weigher Concept , speeds of 140 bpm, 210 bpm and 280 bpm can be achieved without sealing failure.
  • High Accuracy The ∑ F1 provides you with highly accurate combination weighing. How? Applied‘Tetradic Architecture’offers 16 pieces of weighing data available for combination from 4 independent weighing units.This offers the best conditions to apply the unique algorithm. One head consists of one Feed Bucket, one Dual Chambered Weigh Bucket and one Dual Chambered Memory Bucket beneath it. This unique configuration results in increased efficiency and multiple combinations.
  • Flexibility and Versatility The ∑ F1 concept offers the ability to weigh pack weights above the maximum volume of the machine due to its increased number of heads available for combination. Another example of the machines versatility and flexibility is in twin tube applications, the ∑ F1 8-head version can run two totally different products and target
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