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Goring Kerr DSP 3 Metal Detector

The Goring Kerr DSP3 Metal Detector offers the most sensitive solution to meet your legal obligations and protect your brands. The design incorporates the hygienic needs of the food industry and the requirements for extreme reliability. An easy-to-use menu, with automatic product calibration, ensures optimum performance with minimum training. The DSP3 is the ideal QA solution to implement your HACCP plans.

Product Detail

Thermo Electron Corporation provides advanced solutions for online and offline instrumentation. Thermo's Goring Kerr DSP3 Metal Detector is an efficient and highly sensitive solution for process and end-of-line applications, primarily in food and consumer industries. Goring Kerr was the first company to incorporate DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in metal detectors. This technology has been refined to ensure that the DSP3 sets the industry standard for achievable detection sensitivity. Increased sensitivity without parallel improvements in stability can cause wasteful, inefficient and false product rejection. Thermo recognizes this important factor by incorporating experienced mechanical design with special software techniques that provide this metal detector with both high sensitivity and high stability.

The unit is constructed from stainless steel or aluminum to meet the strict, modern hygienic standards of the food industry. Every aspect of reliability has been taken into account in the design, including failsafe features.

AuditCheckTM , a unique and patented device that validates the performance of the metal detector is incorporated into the Goring Kerr DSP3.

The Goring Kerr DSP3 Metal Detector is available from our offices around the world. Thermo provides the multi-national customer with a consistent, high quality product, readily available spare parts, with support from its international facilities.

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