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The Fanuc 410iB state of the art robot was designed specifically for palletizing a variety of products using customized end effectors. PASCO is proud to be a leading North American Integrator of FANUC Robotics leveraging nearly 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience. From concept to completion, PASCO has designed and developed practical, cost effective robotic palletizing solutions involving a variety of different products and applications to automatically stack bags, cases and pails.

Conventional or Robotic?:

Which is Best For Your Packaging Line?

There are several key advantages to robots that you should consider, particularly if:

  • You have frequent product changeovers or package changes
  • You have mixed loads on a pallet
  • You have special patterns, such as bag overlapping
  • You have multiple lines feeding a single palletizing area
  • You need maximum flexibility to make changes

Robots have become well-accepted in the packaging area. PASCO can help you decide if your production line can benefit from this type of automation.

M-410ibHS Four Axis Mechanical Unit

(160 kg Maximum Payload, Floor Mounted, 3.139 m Reach) with:
  • Joint 1 adjustable joint range selection lifting eye bolts
  • M-410iB Support Frame with built-in fork pockets
  • M-410iB Integrated Controller located in base of the robot
  • 2 user air connection ports at base with 2 outlet ports at J4
  • EE connector at J4 with 8 inputs, 8 outputs, HBK, +24VDC, 0VDC
  • AS connector at J4 with 24 pins for user interface (24VDC rated)
  • ISO wrist flange
R-J3i Model B Controller (A Size) with:
  • 2 slot back plane
  • Main CPU board with:
    • Multi-processor architecture
    • Built-in 10 Base T ethernet port
    • 16 Mb DRAM
    • 16 Mb FROM
    • 1 Mb SRAM
  • Controller power supply
  • 6 channel servo amplifier
  • Power transformer for 440 - 575 VAC
  • Power On/Off, Emergency Stop, Cycle Start, Fault Reset, User PB 1&2, and indicator lights for Fault
  • RIA-compliant E-Stop control unit
Type B Operator Box (W: 410mm x H: 490mm x D: 280mm) with:
  • Circuit breaker for 380 - 550 VAC
  • Power On/Off, Emergency Stop, Cycle Start, Fault Reset, User PB 1&2, and indicator lights for Fault
  • Hour meter
  • 2 RS-232 ports (one on inside door of operator panel)
  • 1 PCMCIA interface port
  • 5 slot model A I/O rack
  • 10 m operator panel cable
  • Material handling style teach pendant with standard interface port and 10 m cable
  • T1/T2 mode selection switch
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