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The Series 9550 palletizer handles several different-sized bags in multiple patterns and pallet sizes on the same machine, with options to reach speeds up to 6 layers or 30 bags per minute. Many custom features are available.
Key Benefits

Flexibility to handle several different-sized bag sizes, pallet sizes and patterns; place slipsheets between layers or utilize loads without pallets. Modular design to fit your plant layout and maximize floor space.

Easy operation and maintenance, with virtually no machine or labor downtime. Increased production rates...Move up to 6 layers per minute. Reduction of risk and costly injury claims associated with heavy lifting. PASCO palletizers have built in safety and ergonomic features.

Durable equipment that will last for decades, features include sturdy steel frame with square tube and I-beam construction. Built to withstand heavy loading and fork truck abuse, even in the most caustic environments. Excellent ROI, often in two years or less.

  • Built to your specifications, using the controls and components of your choice (Allen Bradley, Siemens/TI, G.E., etc.)
  • Multiple bag sizes and pattern can be handled automatically through the same machine, to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Four types of bag-turning devices, customized to suit your particular bag and pattern.
  • Individual layer squaring and compression.
  • Rigid conduit with flex ends and rack and pinion wipers, to provide durability.
  • "True pallet centering" means the pallet is placed correctly from the start to ensure correct load placement
  • Modem access for instant program changes and troubleshooting
  • Speeds up to 6 layers or 30 bags per minute.
Available Options:
  • Complete systems integration, using diverters and accumulation conveyor and fully automatic changeover
  • Bag flatteners, knock-down device
  • Check-weigh and reject stations
  • Slipsheet dispensers
  • Interlocking patterns
  • Emergency stop and low-pallet beacons and other status indicator lights
  • Built to your electrical specifications (NEMA 12, 4, 4x, 7, etc.)
  • Unitizer to handle loads without pallets
  • Virtually any pallet pattern
  • Inquire about custom options and features available for this palletizer.
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